The Team 2013

  • Year: 2013
  • Development Time: 7 Jan -> 10 June 2013
  • Team Name: Revenant
  • College: University of Detroit Mercy
  • Departments: 
  •         Electrical & Computer Eng.
  •         Mechanical Eng.
  • Team Size: 10 members
  • Undergraduates: 4
  • Graduates: 6
  • Favorite Food: China Wok and Little Caesars
  • Faculty Advisors: 4

From January 2013 until the final hours of the 2013 IGVC on June 10th, 10 of UDM's best students worked diligently to transform Revenant from a dream to an award-winning autonomous vehicle.  We had a wonderfully multi-talented and diverse team this year:

Design Report and Presentation

Greater detail about the specifics of our design effort can be found in the design report submitted to the IGVC and the associated final presentation given.

Team Captain:  Chris Smalley -- Image Processing (EE undergraduate)

Gizelle Guerra -- EKF Localization and Global Navigation (EE undergarduate)

Joe Gilsenan -- Local Navigation  (ME undergraduate)

Chao Tong -- Robot mechanical systems (ME undergraduate)

Leonardo Martinez -- Mapping and Global Navigation

Tristan (Hong) Nguyen -- Image Processing and Heuristics

Steven (Cheng-Lung)  Lee -- ROS, JAUS, System Calibration (EE graduate)

Hongy Zhang -- JAUS and Obstacle masking

Tim Wu -- JAUS

May Tamer -- Image Processing (flag detection) and Software management

Faculty Advisors:

Drs. Chaomin Luo, Utabya Mohammad, Mohan Krishnan, and Mark Paulik

Some of the team accepting the 2nd Place 2013 JAUS AWARD  [Chris, Tristan, IGVC-Guy-1, Steven, Hongyi, Gizelle, Joe]

MJP 0300

Receiving JAUS award

Design Award, 6th place acceptance [Steven, Chris, IGVC-Guy-2, Gizelle, Joe, Tristan, Hongyi]

MJP 0301

Receiving Design award

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