Sunday -- and the driving competitions begin

On Sunday we had the entire vehicle operational and proceeded to undertake qualificatioin and JAUS competition events while spending as much time on the practice course as possible.   Work went on through the night and we were hopeful we would be able resolve some vehicle control dynamics problems before our final runs on Monday.  Our first JAUS run went very well putting us in 3rd place (we had lost a few points because we did not publish our final heading).  

We ran two more great JAUS runs putting us in first place for a while and finally leaving us in 2nd place (out of about 39 teams) as Hosei University posted one final amazing run edging us out.  

We had our second Design presentation on Sunday and it went well though we did not have the benefit of showing the judges both of the vehicles we worked on.  We  judged that it made a lot of sense to send the Husky back with Clearpath Robotics on Saturday since they were at the IGVC and we added a series of pictures to our slide presentation to fill in the gaps.  

Overall we took 6th place out of about 39 teams competing so we were quite pleased!

It began to rain at around 9 PM and continued quite heavily over night which turned the tent into a swamp!

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