Monday brought all day rain.  It was more difficult to do testing in the rain although Joe made a great rain coat for the robot.  We spent a lot of time on the practice course but started to have software versioning problems and module integration errors.  Working through the nights was taking a toll, and we were not ultimately able to perform well on the Basic course but did very well in the JAUS and Design events.

In the end we had a great overall competition.  We set some very ambitious goals in terms of software design and new vehicle configuration, and we overcame some serious obstacles.  

At this point we are poised for a strong performance in 2014 since we have much more experience with ROS (though we will have few returning students), and we will be returning with the same Revenant (2) chassis.  Students should be able to concentrate on algorithm design and innovation and have much more testing time to work out bugs.

Thank you for reading through this year's competition blog.  Look for us again next year! 

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