Preliminary Husky testing

After all the hardware and electronic subsystems and mechanical modifications were completed we began testing individual components and sensor subsystems both inside the lab and out.   

We ran into a series of problems ranging from power supply noise, motor controller calibration difficulties, current limits reached when turning, motor temperature worries, and higher than expected internal user bay temperatures.

We found that the motor currents were spiking unexpectedly high during turns, and that motor temperatures were higher than anticipated.  

We implemented the following design modifications:

  • Extra power system filtering
  • forced motor cavity ventillation  via the installation of 4 fans mounted in the front and rear.
  • current and temperature monitoring for different usage profiles.
  • convection and forced air ventilation of the user bay via modifications to the connector riser assembly.

At this point we were also in regular communcation with Clearpath Robotics who were very supportive as we began addressing these challenges. 

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