The Road

The Road to the IGVC.  

With these pictures and notes, we attempt to give you a sense of this competition year as it unfolded


Initial Platform Specification


This year, we planned to concentrate our design work on the development of new algorithms for localization, image processing, …


Husky Platform Development

Once the basic Husky platform arrived we began addressing various design elements which included:

  • Increasing Mast stiffness
  • IGVC payload mounting

Preliminary Husky testing

After all the hardware and electronic subsystems and mechanical modifications were completed we began testing individual components and sensor …

ROS -- Software overload!

Well before the hardware was completed, students were working on software.  First and foremost was learning ROS well enough to develop and test …


Crisis -- the plot thickens!

Well,  at this point (into May!) a number of problems had matured into crises and we had some serious issues to overcome.

Early in the winter …

20130605 184806

Last minute transfer to an alternate chassis

We decided to repurpose the chassis originally used for our 2010 Cerberus IGVC entry.  The transfer required the following:

  • a new camera mount, 

The Competition Begins

We packed on Thursday afternoon and evening June 6, and drove to the competition on Friday the 7th.

Our initial efforts beyond the initial unpacking …

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