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UDM and the IGVC

  • Name: University of Detroit Mercy
  • Age: 136 years
  • Birthday: 1877, Detroit MI
  • Founding Order: Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and Sisters of Mercy
  • Colleges: Engineering & Science, Health Professions, Liberal Arts & Education, Architecture, Business, Law, Dental
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What this is all about...

Every year, at UDM, electrical and mechanical engineering upperclassmen are provided with the opportunity to participate in a capstone design course that spans two semesters.  The objective of the course is to provide those students with an engineering design experience that is comparable to the projects they would encounter within the engineering industry.   Involvement in the course does more than just expand the students’ technical knowledge.  It is expected that participation in the design experience will also enhance the students’ communication skills (written, oral, and visual), interpersonal skills, and ability to plan, organize, and manage a comprehensive design effort.  Students successfully completing this design sequence should thus be better prepared to be active, contributing members of the continually evolving engineering profession and community upon graduation.

For 2013, a team comprising seniors in electrical and mechanical and graduate electrical engineering students met the objective of the capstone design course by working tirelessly in UDM’s Advanced Mobility Lab to collaboratively construct a vehicle named Revenant that competed in the 2013 Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC—www.igvc.org).  At this year's international competition, Revenant captured 2nd place in the JAUS Challenge and 6th place in the Design Challenge .

Consider the following brief summaries of each of the Competition elements

Aunonomous - Navigation Challenge (Auto-Nav)

Autonomous and Navigation Challenge (Auto-Nav)  :

In the Autonomous Challenge, vehicles must maneuver their way through a complex …

MJP 0231

Design Challenge

Design Challenge:

In the Design Competition, using a written report and an oral presentation, teams must relay the conceptual design …

IMG 8235

JAUS Challenge

JAUS Challenge:

In the JAUS Challenge, vehicles are required to implement the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS) protocol …

Summary: UDMercy IGVC History

Summary and UDMercy IGVC History:

UDM has been designing competitive vehicles for the IGVC since 1998.  We have achieved great success …

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