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Team 2008

Year: 2008

Development Time: 8 Jan -> 11 June

Team Name: µCeratops

College: University of Detroit Mercy


        Electrical & Computer Eng.

        Mechanical Eng.

Team Size: 10 members

Undergraduates: 2

Graduates: 8

Favorite Food: Granola?

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Name:  Kevin Barry

Year:  Graduate Student

HomeTown:  Chicago, Illinois

Team Role:  Team leader, System Architect & Mapping.

Name:  Bryan Thomas

Year:  Graduate Student

HomeTown:  Michigan

Team Role:  Vision.

Name:  Cheng-Lung (Steven)  Lee

Year:  Graduate Student

HomeTown:  Taiwan

Team Role:  Lead hardware engineer

Name:  Li-yi Lu

Year:  Graduate Student

HomeTown:  China

Team Role:  Navigation.

Name:  Phuong Nguyen

Year:  Graduate Student

HomeTown:  Michigan

Team Role: Power Systems.

Name:  Mohammad Horani

Year:  Graduate Student

HomeTown:  Syria

Team Role: Path Planning.

Name:  Preethi Venkat

Year:  Graduate Student

HomeTown:  India

Team Role:  Goal Select.

Name:  Keyur Patel

Year:  Senior

HomeTown:  India

Team Role: Design Challenge & Power Systems.

Name:  Ray Slowik

Year: Senior

HomeTown:  Michigan

Team Role:  Mechanical System Integration.

Name:  Utayba Mohammad

Year: Dept. Laboratory Manager and Doctoral student

HomeTown:  Damascus

Team Role:  Navigation, Autonomous Challenge, image processing and LADAR integration


The Team:

From January 2008 until the final hours of the 2008 IGVC on June 11th, 10 of UDM’s brightest Electrical and Computer Engineering students worked diligently to transform µCERATOPS from a conceptual sketch to an award-winning autonomous vehicle. 

Get to know the members of UDM’s multi-talented, international IGVC team for 2008 below: