University of Detroit Mercy

ECE Design


The ECE Senior Design Course:

  1. provides students with a comprehensive open-ended project.

  2. integrates the many skills necessary for professional success.

  3. allows students to learn first hand about project planning, FEMA analysis, and teamwork.

For more than 15 years we have (to varying degrees) coordinated our two semester capstone design course sequence with the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC).  In some years, some teams may  explore other projects like the development of a new display for the Detroit Science Center, or the Design of Nurse Assistive technologies for patient management.  But, we consistently return to the excitement and competitive challenge of the IGVC!

This Page provides links to faculty and student web pages which describe some of the various projects.  Enjoy!

To explore the College of Engineering and Science’s broader work with mobile robotics, please visit the Advanced Mobility Laboratory (AML)  and Robotics and Mechatronic Systems sites.


Welcome to Capstone Design at UDM

The use of a competition-driven Autonomous Ground Vehicle (AGV) design for a senior capstone program offers a number of benefits.  An AGV design is inherently multidisciplinary in nature involving mechanical and electrical system integration, power electronics, feedback control, digital electronics, software development, sensors, safety, power management etc..  The sophistication of subsystems like vision, obstacle detection, path planning, and feedback control offer good opportunities for graduate and undergraduate research projects.

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